What is a Memory Makeover?

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A Memory Makeover can change a single memory . . .



A Memory Makeover can revitalize life and love in all of your memories . . .

in Two Days!

My Memory Makeover
is a unique and innovative method using a patent pending technique
to help you to change the way you associate to your memories
in a positive and powerful way.

How to start the My Memory Makeover process:


A Life Changing Session
with a

Memory Makeover Mentor



Our 2 Day
Restoration Workshop
with a

Memory Makeover Mentor


Gary Sinclair, Creator of Memory Makeover, teaches workshop attendees

  •  - Uri Geller
    ​Gary Sinclair has the seeds of a cure-all, powerful enough to heal not only ailments, . .  but also the sickness of our whole planet.
     - Uri Geller
    Author - Mind Medicine
  • - Dr. Bruce Lipton -
    ​We applaud your ground breaking efforts in what may prove to be the future of medicine.
    - Dr. Bruce Lipton -
    Author - Biology of Belief
  • CA (AUS)
    ​The workshop tools are practical and I am practicing them most days.  I've used it with my workmates so far and with clients also.  I find myself not believing the tools work so easily, yet I can see shifts in my life. I'm grateful to have discovered something so simple.
    CA (AUS)
  • - DO (NYC, USA)
    ​Gary Sinclair is one of those exceedingly rare individuals who not only healed himself, but can also teach us how its done in mind, body and spirit. Gary Sinclair delivers!
    - DO (NYC, USA)
  • - RM (USA)
    ​"When the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear!" Life changing is the Teacher that appears as Gary Sinclair. He picked me up when I was nearly dead and taught me to "love myself to life!" and it worked. I am more than still here!
    - RM (USA)
  • – DB (USA)
    ​I believed life wasn't worth living before Restoration. Now I love myself, my life and others.
    – DB (USA)

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THEIR Memory Makeovers!


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Using unique processes, we can help you to heal traumatic memories, including those associated with PTSD.

We can help you to see a new future and even redesign it.


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